Summer 2014

8 Jul

This summer has flown by pretty fast. We’re down to about 5 weeks before school starts for Sir Max! I know I’m not doing a very good job at keeping up with this blog, and let me explain why. I started this blog because some close and distant family members were being complete douche bags about my parenting choices. Going onto MY facebook page and ranting about my posts. I post too many pics of my kids, I’m a “lazy, waste of space” for being a stay-at-home-mom, or the fact that just because I was post pro-breastfeeding pages on my profile, and the fact I was/am proud to have breastfed my daughter for 3 years, meant that somehow, I was insulting those who couldn’t breastfeed or just chose not to. I started this blog, as a way to defend my choices, which after sometime, seemed ridiculous. I then wanted to mark my journey with the fun things I do with the kids. The active role I gladly take in their learning, but I honestly don’t have that much time to dedicate to keeping up with a blog. I suppose I could find the time, but I just haven’t done so. When I do sit down to blog, all I can come up with are trivial posts on our simple, day-to-day stuff that probably wouldn’t even keep my own mother very interested. Plus, it seems a bit pretentious. Like, who would actually care to read that I did 3 loads of laundry, vacuumed, and cooked tacos for dinner today? I’m sure nobody. I do want to use my blog as a way to keep distant (near and far) family and friends up-to-date with the more important life events in our lives, but currently, there isn’t much to tell. We are still working on changing our rut of how we work with Max. These aren’t BIG changes by any means, but they do take some time in order to work.
We haven’t found a preschool for Rory yet and quite honestly, we might not. We just haven’t had the money to put down a deposit to hold her spot, and so we haven’t really been able to call around and look at places. And with school starting so soon, I’m sure even the waiting lists are getting full. Luckily, I still have papers and resources left from when Max was in Head Start, and I found a “kindergarten readiness” Checklist and I went through some of the bullet points that they look for when deciding if your child is “kindergarten ready” and we were able to check off most of them for Rory. So I do have a guide of some kind to go by and I’m sure I can find some help from a few of my Early Childhood Education friends, and she should be “kindergarten ready” even without preschool. And she plays with kids from many ages, 3-8 around here at our Apartment Complex, so I’m sure her social skills are pretty spot on where she needs to be as well. I was looking forward to the free 3-4 hours to get stuff done while she was at preschool, but oh well. It would have spoiled me for when I finally get back into the work force full time here in a year.
So this is my update. Which really isn’t much of an update. Because there really isn’t much to update. Ha, our lives are blissfully simple…and I should probably knock on wood so that they stay that way!


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