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Catch up!

23 Apr

When we last left off I was freaking out about Rory and preschool, but excited about our upcoming family vacation! Now, it is time to catch yall up!

Our FIRST family vacation went AMAZING! It was perfect. We loved Nick Studios, Water Park of America AND the Mall of America!! Plus, all 4 of us got to go to the Vikings preseason game! Max and Bill had 1st row, 1st level seats of course but Rory and I scored some nosebleeds and she absolutely loved it! It was easy to “plan” and doesn’t break the bank, so we can hopefully make it an annual event!



After we got home, school started. Max started Kindergarten, and Rory and I started our “preschool”. Max has been kicking butt all year in school, he loves it. He is reading and doing great in math. He is ready to move onto 1st grade!!


Rory and I started off hardcore on our preschool stuff, I bought a ton of supplies (food coloring, shaving cream, borax, glue, paints, paper, workbooks…you name it I bought it) and started getting to work. I had a lesson plan and everything. Pinterest helped me with crafts, recipes and projects.  We were doing amazing, but towards the end of November, Rory was done. She wasn’t interested and didn’t want to do it anymore. So rather than force her, we stopped. Of course we have still been doing “field trips” and project and crafts and activities, but they aren’t planned out with an objective of specifically learning something in mind. She has been asking to do more school stuff lately and we have been. Letter finds, tracing letters, numbers, her name. Nothing too out there. She recently started writing her name! She still misses letters when reciting the alphabet and skips numbers when counting to 30, but meh. She’s still 3. She is doing 200, yes that is right 200 piece puzzles now. The last time I posted she was only doing 20 pieces. Bill, Max and I do help, but not because she needs it, but because it is something we all enjoy doing. It takes her mere weeks to master a puzzle, to where she can put it together alone in less than 30-45 min.  She’s currently eyeballing this 500 piece kitty puzzle from Barnes & Noble, she’ll probably get it for her birthday. The Head Start program has openings for this upcoming year and we have yet again applied, but for this school year we made too much and Bill’s done gone and gotten at least another raise since then, so we aren’t holding our breath. However, I have been talking to Rory about going to preschool and explaining to her that it won’t be a big day like last year, but a little day, and she seems good with that and she’s starting to talk positively about going to preschool once again. In the months since pulling her and Max out of daycare, whenever we would mention it or drive near daycare, she would get upset, and say she hates “miss candy’s school”. But I’m hoping us talking about going for short days and how no big kids will be there, has kind of helped her to get excited about it again. Bill and I would like to have her in preschool at least 2 days a week for 4 hours a day this upcoming school year. We can probably afford to do even 3 days if she likes it. But I’m totally done freaking out about her “development”. She is doing some sports again through the local “Y”. Next Tuesday is her last day until June (I think) when I singed her up for another class. She also says she wants to do wrestling with Max (See Max’s paragraphs below). And I wrestled in high school. Nothing amazing. Just 1 season, sucked bad, was too old (16) to start learning when kids usually start at 4-6. But she says she really wants to, and she has a pretty good double leg blast going on right now. The wrestling coach is pretty excited about it and says he’s cool with it. He’s currently looking for some wrestling shoes small enough to fit her. haha.  She is doing amazing, she is just doing it differently than Max.


Max started wrestling this past fall. And he is a natural at it. His season wrapped up last month and his stats were pretty awesome for a first year wrestler. 37 wins, 13 losses, 29 pins, 2 tech falls and 1 major decision. He placed 2nd in State District Qualifying, went to Regionals where he got a pin, and placed 4th. And although he didn’t qualify for State Championships, there is nothing but pride since he was a first year wrestler going up against 2nd and 3rd year wrestlers. Next year will probably be a tough year on him though. But he has the determination and passion even at 6 to push through it. He gets to practice with one of the leading wrestling clubs in the country, and he has the privilege of going to some pretty awesome camps with the likes of Jordan Burroughs and David Taylor, and will be going to a Steiner brother clinic. Right now, he has been doing some freestyle stuff and has taken to that quite well, along with his wrestling partner. These 2 are going to push each other for years to come.


Earlier this month, we had Max assessed for ADHD. This is something we’ve been keeping an eye on…his motor, his always on the go, energetic, bouncing off the walls- self. And in preschool, it didn’t interfere with anything, so we weren’t worried. Even at the beginning of this school year, he was always bringing home awards for good behavior, and we breathed a sigh of relief that he had grown out of it, matured. Then just before X-mas break, all hell broke loose. He was getting into “trouble” at school and things were getting difficult at home. The “trouble” wasn’t him being a jerk or hitting or anything “bad” or “naughty” it was just he could no longer sit still. He was getting up, walking around during work time, doing his work too fast and making silly mistakes his teacher knew he shouldn’t be making, needing to sit out in the hall to complete work…stuff Bill and I had been primed to keep an eye out for. So I talked to Max’s teacher and we came up with a plan, and while we waiting for Max’s assessment by his doctor, his teacher changed up a few things for him in class. The most helpful of which was sending him to the “Behavioral Interventionist” for some yoga-type work outs for about 10-15 min a day. Then when we got into his doctor, she told us that yes, Max has classic ADHD and that his “kind” would best be helped with medication. However, she knows Bill and I , and knew we would want to do non-medication options first and recommended a Behavioral Therapist. In the meantime, the Behavioral Interventionist has come up with a special chart for Max at school, and we’ve got one here and in the nearly 3 weeks since, he has be awarded another award for “caring”, which he will be getting next week. He has received only 1 “bad” day, and things at home have gotten much less difficult.

Currently, I am trying to figure out what I am going to do when Rory goes to Kindergarten. I want to be home when the kids get home from school, so that makes finding a job pretty difficult, especially with my long absences in my resume and erratic work history. I can’t do call center work ever again. No matter how well they pay. So I’m thinking that this is a sign that I go back to school, part time of course. I don’t want to overburden myself with my school work that I neglect my children and their needs. They are used to having me around and us doing some pretty awesome stuff from time to time that if I’m in classes or doing homework all of the time, I just won’t be the same mom that they are used to. The only problem I have is deciding what my major will be. I was going for secondary music education. However, that just doesn’t seem practical any more. With the economy as it is, many school districts have cut or are in danger of needing to cut fine arts. But a major like science, that will always be needed. But while I ponder that question I could get some of my pre-requisites out of the way. It might take me a few years to finish up my bachelor degree, but my main focus is my kids. I get pretty nerdily excited when thinking about taking college courses again. There are plenty of colleges around for me to choose from too, so I should be good to go! The only problem is if I choose music… I’m so out of it, I would need refreshers on Theory, pedagogy, and of course I really haven’t touched my trumpet in nearly 7 years, so I’m way towards the SUCK end of the scale on that front. Heh. Good thing I have a year to think about it!

I’m not good at this blogging thing. I read a number of amazing blogs written by moms and dads and I think, “Man, they sure do make it look easy”. I’ll keep trying though!