Thinking Ahead

11 Oct

I know it is just barely October, but since we have already bought all of Max’s bday gifts, we are now looking ahead to Christmas. We are moving towards more “open-ended” toys (play dough, blocks, sensory and light table, dress up, pretend toys) and less electronic, toys (computers, kid tablets…anything battery operated). First we have wanted to make a light table since last Christmas and have found a way to use a busted flat screen TV to make a huge one. So Bill has put in a request for a busted TV (awesome how that worked out huh?) and we are just waiting for the size we want to come in. We actually didn’t think it would take as long as it has, he has been on the waiting list for over a month or so. So we are putting off making the light table and we’ll hedge our bets and make the sensory table (which we have everything for) for Christmas as their “shared”  BIG gift (along with colored rice, and other supplies for the sensory table). And when the TV comes in for the light table, we’ll make that and give it to them just because.

Now, even though all of their toys are technically ‘shared’ toys (I know we are lame), we do still give them their own stuff. We actually don’t even MAKE them share, they just do (most of the time without much incident). But we don’t make a big deal out of Max playing with Rory’s doll house or babydolls (which he does) or Rory playing with cars and guns (which she does).

We just made Rory a bookcase dollhouse for her birthday and she loves it. Plays with it every day in fact. But, last week there was a commercial for this Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Dollhouse, and Max asked Rory if she wanted it, and she got excited and said YES! Now, she might have just said yes, because it seemed Max was pretty excited about it…or she could really want it. But I think maybe that will be “her” gift. And then We found Max a Imaginext Spider-Man playset that will go with his Joker one he is getting for his birthday. I’m pretty confident in these choices, but will continue to do research. But a playset each, a sensory table and all the fixins, sounds pretty awesome. Probably some play dough for Max and a few little baby doll accessories for Rory as stocking stuffers, and I think we’ll be set. Probably get a mirror or 2 for the playroom, to put in their dress-up area.

A few other things I’ll be looking into are:

Magnatiles (light table)


Pattern Blocks


Kid Smart Markers.

I also need to allocate time for me to sit down, look through my “Kiddos” board on pinterest and write down all of the supplies I need for the ideas I have pinned. So many ideas I cannot do because we simply do not have what is needed to do them!


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