Sick, sick, sick.

10 Oct

Ugh. School starts and we instantly get sick. Lovely. Last week of Sept, I was nursing the cold/flu/plague all week. Then I got better, but then next week, Max, Bill and Rory had it. They are all just getting better, BUT last night I was up late, dealing with the beginnings of a sore throat and cough. Seriously? Ugh, why oh why can’t people just be considerate of others and keep their sick kids home/inside?! Sure, its a pain the butt, I know, I just went through 2 weeks of being cooped up with 2 kids because we were sick… moving on…

So needless to say, our getting organized and getting a routine down has taken a backseat to all of us getting better. We have had good days when we had some sort of routine, but other days, it was “meh do whatever”. Hopefully I can fight off whatever this is and we can get back to it. I know it won’t be an overnight thing, it will probably be months until we have it down, I just want to really get started without distractions from illnesses and other junk.

Next week Max has a parent/teacher meeting. I’m excited to hear about how he is doing. He loves school and when he was out for a week last week, the kids missed him. When he got back to school on Monday, several kids were VERY EXCITED to see him and attacked him with hugs. From what I have heard, he is doing well with writing his whole name and cutting out shapes real well. So yay!

Rory and I have been working on shapes names and colors. We haven’t done the alphabet yet, because she has just seemed more into shapes and colors right now. So we do a lot of drawing and we kind of stole an “Eye Spy” book from Bill’s mom this past weekend when we were up there. She loves it and it has been helping out A LOT in just the past few days we’ve had it with shapes and colors so it is awesome.

Our month project is decorating the house all “Spooky” like for Halloween. Since we don’t have a yard, we have just been decorating the inside of the apartment. Some day we’ll have that creepy, scary (NOT CUTE) halloween yard that most parents won’t let their kids go to because it is “too scary”. But until then, we’ll just have to do it up right inside and practice for the future!

Our “Fall Bucket List” isn’t nearly as long as I was hoping. With us being sick and it being cold and everything, we’ve lost nearly a month of fun fall time. We only have about a month left before it gets too cold to do stuff. We went to the Pumpkin Patch here in town, but they started charging for stuff that has always been free in the 4 years we’ve gone there. So sadly it was a quick 10 min walk around. I was pretty bummed. Then Earl May here in town was having a free “Pumpkin Fest” but the kids were sick and we were thinking about taking them anyway because they were on the mend, but it was way to cold to risk it. The 27th, the Train Museum here is having a Halloween Party Fest, so (fingers crossed) it won’t be too cold or we won’t be too sick to go to that!

I’m trying to think of Birthday Week things for Max for next week. Hopefully I can think of a few fun things!

Lots of stuff. Getting more organized, a routine, working on learning (Max and Rory), Family Activities, Birthday, Halloween. I would like to lose some weight before I go in for my final fitting for my sister’s wedding. Trying to do more home cooking, healthier cooking. Trying to get the playroom done, which I haven’t even really started it since moving some of the furniture around a few months ago. I really need to go through everything and organize… but then the kids want to “help” and I like to encourage their helping, even when it isn’t actually helping like they think. Max has been wanting to buy stuff, so we have decided to do an allowance for chores. So we are trying to navigate that. He found a $5 gun he wanted to buy the other day and I thought it would be a good opportunity to start talking to him about doing jobs around the house for money. Usually he does jobs around the house for computer time. But I think it will be much better for him to earn money and learn about money instead of rotting his wonderful mind in front of the computer.

But yeah that is “all” we’ve been up to. Being sick and trying to get stuff done…


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