Duck Tails

5 Sep

“We did duck tails!” was the first thing Max said about school yesterday. I have no idea what it was because he was so excited about it he couldn’t explain it to me. But I’m glad he loved it. They also played tag and scooted on those scooters. Had mac and cheese for lunch. And sang songs. He was song helper. All in all, it sounds like he had a good day. We came home after getting Bill from work, and the kids took turns helping me make spaghetti, and then we went outside and played. Max rode bikes with Noah and Taylor and Rory rode her big wheel with them!

While Max was at school, Rory and I cleaned. She helped me do dishes, load some laundry, vacuuming and cleaning the playroom! Then we colored and did some sticker stories, blocks and threw a birthday party for her babies.
Hopefully Bill will have time this weekend or soon to make the sensory table because she will absolutely LOVE it. It was too hot to go outside while Max was gone, we had to wait until the evening when it had cooled off some. But we’ll settle into a routine just like we did last year. Plus for Christmas we are going to make them a light table so she’ll have a sensory table and a light table to have tons of fun with!

Have the date picked for Max’s birthday party and all of his gifts have arrived. We took a trip to PartyCity last week when the kids were at my mom’s and they have everything I was looking for!  So yay! Now I just need to get the games figured out and we will be ready to rock!! We are going to keep it simple. I know that isn’t how many parents do birthdays nowadays, but that just isn’t where our values and priorities are as a family. For us we  know that family and friends are #1 not the amount you spend on a party or how many gifts you get. I will admit it is very hard and oh so tempting to follow suit and just out all out on birthdays, but sticking to what you believe in the face of all of that is important and an important lesson to teach our kids. So since this will be Max’s first birthday with friends, we are going to just invite his cousin, and his 2 friends from the apartment complex- Noah and Taylor, well plus his 2 younger cousins of course. It’ll be at the clubhouse in our apartment complex, and there is a playground right outside, we’ll tell Max’s cousin to bring his bike over to ride, and they can ride bikes too. Plus the 2 games I have planned. I’m still wondering about the little gift bags. I don’t want to give out annoying plastic cheap things. Maybe we’ll do tattoos and candy. I don’t think you can go wrong with temp tatts and loads of chocolate. We just want our kids to know our love isn’t measured by how much we spend on parties or gifts but by the time we take to be with them. Right now, Max just loves seeing his family and isn’t a kid who runs up to a grandma or an aunt and asks “what did you get me?” He is just happy to see his family and we want to keep it that way.

My alone time is over and the kids are ready to get dressed! Let’s see how long it takes me to do the next update!


One Response to “Duck Tails”

  1. Kim September 5, 2012 at 6:43 pm #

    I love this. I really enjoy reading what you guys are up to. Thanks for sharing.


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