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New Beginnings

20 Sep

Welcome back!

We are going to start something new in our family. In line with getting organized, we are going to try and get a routine settled. We have been pretty laid back around here, letting the kids play and do and make and whatever and we have really enjoyed it. No fuss, no muss, so stress. But as the kids have gotten older, we have noticed the past few months that it is starting to become fussy, and mussy and stressy. And well it is because preschooler and toddlers need more structure. It helps with transitions and to give them a more secure feeling and even help with their independence. So, we will be working on a simple routine to start next week. We won’t be scheduling out every second of our days, because that is just nuts, but a nice routine so that the kids know what to expect next. We’ll make pictures and signs and whatnot to put up in the kitchen so the kids can see it and us parents can remember it and I think it will help out a lot. I’m not sure how I feel about making a bedtime. See, we don’t really have a “bedtime” per say. When the kids get tired, they go to sleep. We never have had problems with that, but since Max is in school and has to get enough sleep and has to wake up at a certain time… plus it would be nice to have an hour or so just Bill and I before we go to bed. I’m thinking/hoping that just by getting the kids up an hour or 90 min earlier than usual, will work that “problem” out. But I guess we will see. I just find it crazy to think that I can tell my kids when they are tired and when they need to sleep. Shoot, I can’t even tell myself that. Right now, it is 1:20 in the morning and I really should have been in bed at least 3 hours ago… but here I am…wide awake. Been up since like 8:30… ::sigh:: Oh well.

School is going great. Had a little problem with “listening ears” last week, but since then we just “put them on” before we get to school in the morning and that has seemed to help. Max is doing great with writing. He loves CAPITAL letters though. Doesn’t like to writing the lower case ones. His Aunt Kim found a humming bird moth on her farm a few weeks ago, and brought it up here when she came for a visit. He finally got to show it at school. Everybody thought it was really cool. 😀  One of the kids from our apartment complex is in his class. So that is cool. He still thinks that once he turns 5 next month he’ll start kindergarten. His best friend, Taylor, is in kindergarten and he just really wants to go to school with her. I’m thinking her mom and I are pretty glad they aren’t because I’m guessing we’d be getting a lot of notes home from school about those two.

Rory and I have been having some fun of our own while Max is at school. I made some spaghetti noodles and put them in the tub of what will go into the sensory table (really need to nag Bill to get that done!) and just sat it on the floor. And we played with them. I filled a spray bottle with some water and food coloring so she could color the noodles but she wanted to run around the house and spray everything so we had to move on from that. I just got some toys and put them in the tub and we just had fun squishing the noddles, burying dinosaurs and making noddle cakes. The other day Max’s class was playing with shaving cream, so we had to go to the Dollar Tree and get a cheap can of it for us to play with. Added food coloring and played with it. She has asked to play with water tomorrow, so, I’ll just fill the sinks with water and let her go to town.

Bill and I (kids too) went to a Parent Meeting at Max’s school this past Monday. It was the first one of the year, so we just got to know each other and talked about what we were going to do for the rest of the year. There is 1 meeting a month, they are about an hour long, they provide child care, and each time you go, you get to pick out a book for your kid and they have “door prizes”, which is basically just little things like cans of play dough, or markers, or jump ropes… stuff like that for the kids too. Also, each meeting has a “theme” like “time management” or “budgeting”… so it is really awesome. A lot of pretty awesome parents showed up, so I’m looking forward to that.

We are trying more of an “attachment parenting” and “positive discipline” method with Max. Time outs and other punitive punishments just haven’t been working. He is such a sensitive kid. When he gets into “trouble” and gets upset and I try and talk to him and figure out what happened and what went wrong and what we can do to fix it, he has been saying how he’s sad because I don’t like him or because I hate him… and it has been breaking my heart. So we are going a complete 180 and just doing what we should have been doing all along with this kid. He is naturally a good kid. Has a good heart and is smart… being a stay at home mom is overwhelming at times and I just should have stopped and paid a bit more attention. But we are on the right track now at least and we have been seeing positive results in the short time we’ve been trying this new way, so that is a good sign.

Well, this is short and I’m sorry but we have a lot of new things going on here and I haven’t had time to write. I’ll try and update this as soon as possible.


Duck Tails

5 Sep

“We did duck tails!” was the first thing Max said about school yesterday. I have no idea what it was because he was so excited about it he couldn’t explain it to me. But I’m glad he loved it. They also played tag and scooted on those scooters. Had mac and cheese for lunch. And sang songs. He was song helper. All in all, it sounds like he had a good day. We came home after getting Bill from work, and the kids took turns helping me make spaghetti, and then we went outside and played. Max rode bikes with Noah and Taylor and Rory rode her big wheel with them!

While Max was at school, Rory and I cleaned. She helped me do dishes, load some laundry, vacuuming and cleaning the playroom! Then we colored and did some sticker stories, blocks and threw a birthday party for her babies.
Hopefully Bill will have time this weekend or soon to make the sensory table because she will absolutely LOVE it. It was too hot to go outside while Max was gone, we had to wait until the evening when it had cooled off some. But we’ll settle into a routine just like we did last year. Plus for Christmas we are going to make them a light table so she’ll have a sensory table and a light table to have tons of fun with!

Have the date picked for Max’s birthday party and all of his gifts have arrived. We took a trip to PartyCity last week when the kids were at my mom’s and they have everything I was looking for!  So yay! Now I just need to get the games figured out and we will be ready to rock!! We are going to keep it simple. I know that isn’t how many parents do birthdays nowadays, but that just isn’t where our values and priorities are as a family. For us we  know that family and friends are #1 not the amount you spend on a party or how many gifts you get. I will admit it is very hard and oh so tempting to follow suit and just out all out on birthdays, but sticking to what you believe in the face of all of that is important and an important lesson to teach our kids. So since this will be Max’s first birthday with friends, we are going to just invite his cousin, and his 2 friends from the apartment complex- Noah and Taylor, well plus his 2 younger cousins of course. It’ll be at the clubhouse in our apartment complex, and there is a playground right outside, we’ll tell Max’s cousin to bring his bike over to ride, and they can ride bikes too. Plus the 2 games I have planned. I’m still wondering about the little gift bags. I don’t want to give out annoying plastic cheap things. Maybe we’ll do tattoos and candy. I don’t think you can go wrong with temp tatts and loads of chocolate. We just want our kids to know our love isn’t measured by how much we spend on parties or gifts but by the time we take to be with them. Right now, Max just loves seeing his family and isn’t a kid who runs up to a grandma or an aunt and asks “what did you get me?” He is just happy to see his family and we want to keep it that way.

My alone time is over and the kids are ready to get dressed! Let’s see how long it takes me to do the next update!