Back to School!

27 Aug

Well we are a week away from a new school year! We’ve done some amazing and fun things this summer! Saw motocross at the county fair, caught a few baseball games, went swimming- A LOT!, visited family, took tons of nature hikes, picked lots of sunflowers, made new friends… everything you’re supposed to do in the summer, I think we were able to accomplish!

Max met his new teacher today. Her name is perfect, Ms. Love.  😀 I’m glad Max took a liking to her, I was worried he would be upset that Miss Rosemary wasn’t here. But he did great. We went over rules and procedures, talked about our Summer Goals we had made back in May, and made new goals for this fall that we will revisit in October.

Some of his goals will be:

Work on learning our phone number.

Work on throwing (he’s a sidewinder” and catching (gotta have a few fun goals!)

Answering questions in full sentences.

Work on making good choices.

Work on writing his name between the lines.

And start helping him to understand healthy food choices. (Never to young to start!)

And an extra one, is once again cutting back on screen time. Due to overly hot weather and being inside for many days at a time, really made the screen time creep back up to where we don’t want it. So we’ll start bringing that back down again.

We went back to school shopping. Since Max grew 3 inches over the summer (!!) Kim, my SIL and the kids’ Aunt sent Max $50 for new clothes! So he got 2 new shirts, angry birds and batman and a new pair of jeans and of course a Vikings hat! I asked Max if I could get Rory a Hello Kitty shirt and he said it was OK, so we also got her a little something. Both kids are happy with their new clothes.

I also bought new paint, along with paint brushes (we haven’t used brushes before just stamps, toys and hands) and 2 trays you can put paint on. I’m hoping to start getting little crafty/ activity stuff here and there, extra pasta, flour, rice, food coloring, shaving cream… We literally took a break this summer and just spent as much time outside as possible and reading, playing with toys… didn’t do too many activities. Kids didn’t seem into activities, more into playing games like hide and seek (in the apt) and apartment football haha things like that, so I just followed their lead.

I’m making a Fall “Bucket List”, places we want to go, things we want to do before winter gets here. Found that idea from one of my pages on facebook that I liked. Some people just have the best ideas! So far I know I want to take the kids to the Zoo and to a IMCA race and of course the Pumpkin Patch and Zombie Walk! So I’ll be scouring the internet for ideas while the kids are at my moms here later this week.

Max’s birthday is coming up, and oh man! Who would have thought that planning a 5 year old’s birthday was so stressful?!  We wanted to start keeping the birthdays and Christmases simple and not overspending on gifts and getting too many and I found an idea on pinterest of getting kids “Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read” and I just loved that idea. I thought it was perfect for our priorities and values as a family. But this year will be the first year Max will have friends at his party and I just got so worried they would make fun of him for getting “lame toys” or for not getting very many… it just really freaked me out. So I kept changing my mind on what I wanted to get him. It was nuts. Finally I was like whatever, the 2 friends I know we are inviting for sure are super nice, their parents are great, and if they say something, we’ll just turn it into a learning experience for the kids.  He already got his Jared Allen Vikes jersey (something to wear). He also got a Joker Imaginext Funhouse with 2 extra action figures (Something he wants and needs haha) and instead of something to read because he and Rory have A TON of books we got a playdough fun factory. Oh and since the boys (and a few girls) around the complex have been playing with nerf guns, we found one on clearance and got him one of those too. So I think it is perfect. It will be an Angry Birds themed. And we’ll have 2 games: a Life Size angry birds game. Collecting 12 pk pop boxes, will cover them in construction paper (blue for glass blocks, brown for wooden) and I’m not sure what we’ll use for angry birds and pigs. But we’ll get stuff for that too and we’ll play. Also we’ll do a bird hunt. We’ll get some Easter eggs in the colors of a few angry birds and pigs and have little treasures and treats in the eggs and each kid will have a gold egg to find with something extra special in there. Then we’ll do pizza and play at the park. Still trying to nail down a date though.

I also need a list of things for Rory and I to go and do while Max is at school. I’m pretty excited. She and I are going to have lots of adventures.

So that is what is going on. We are trying to get a bit more organized. We have set up a dry erase calendar in the kitchen. Trying to make it a “command center”. Bill and I aren’t organized by nature so we are trying to ease into this organized business slowly. We started with just meals. Planning out every meal so we know whats for dinner, what needs to be thawed and all of that. I slacked off last week pretty bad, but I’m hoping to stay on the ball this week. We are keeping track of events and things we are doing.

Well that is what is going on here, trying to get ready for a full school year, birthday, and cutting back on screen time and getting more organized! I will undoubtedly try and update this after Max’s first week of school!


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